What does it mean to be a shavee?

I can hardly believe the next shave event is approaching at, what feels like, light speed.  It truly seems as though it was just a few short months ago that we swept the last bit of hair that surrendered to the buzz of the clippers off of the Chattanooga Market floor.  But, ’tis true, time passes like a flash and we are excited about this year’s event!

The one thing that I discovered after last year’s event and wanted to delve deeper into, was that the actual shaving, is but a single day, however, the journey the shavee takes begins long before and lasts far beyond that day they the day shed their locks.

Many people who choose to help have been touched personally by a cancer diagnosis. Whether that of a child or adult, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by the “C” word.  There are also those who are compelled for other personal reasons and are moved to help.

The other result of being a shavee, involves the days and weeks afterward, the days the shavee cannot hide the contribution and sacrifice they boldly made.  I want to share those days with you, too.  I want future shavees to be inspired by the brave ones who have come before, and be inspired to change the world FOR GOOD!

That’s why I have put a call out to invite shavees to keep a video journal of their journey. And to get you motivated,  I present to you, Chattanooga – one of its beautiful, bold and brave shavees…RACHEL WELCH!  Enjoy!  I know I loved watching the videos!

P.S.  If you are inspired to keep a diary too, please send me the links!




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