Jack TV 2012 – The Chattanooga Roller Girls


I am racking my brain trying to remember how it is I met Violet Heart-Breaker and decided to attend my first roller derby bout…perhaps, I’ll have to ask her.  However, I do talk to so many people, and most don’t escape me with just a passing “hello”.  Nonetheless, we attended a couple of bouts last year, and to my surprise having not known anything about derby, it was a blast.  In my teenage years, I spent my weekends on those four wheels gliding around the wooden floor of the Axle Roller Rink in Chicago.  When the closed the doors, it was like a death in the family to me.

So, it is so very exciting to see roller derby growing and to be able to enjoy the Chattanooga Roller Girls who continue to kick major arse!  You must attend a home bout if you can, the next one being on May 12th at the Chattanooga Convention Center.  Jack and I will be there recruiting and spreading the word about the June 10th shave. It is a great family event.

Not only are these girls fabulous athletes, they do as an organization support and stay involved in their community.  We are *THRILLED* that some of the girls have formed a team of shavees to support our event.  In fact, women are coming out of the woodwork to get their heads shaved to support those precious kids who battle cancer.

It stirs my heart each time I listen to why a shavee has decided to participate.  Everyone has a reason.  For some, it’s empathy for those in need which often times can bring to the forefront of their consciousness, a realization of their life’s blessings.  For others, cancer has touched them personally.  And too often I find, the later is the reason.

What ever your inspiration or motivation, join us on June 10th for the shave!  You will be amazed at the humming of the clippers and the good mojo floating around when people unite to help those in need.

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