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American Cancer Society – Signal Mountain Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser

I have to tell you – I did not know what to expect for the Celebrity Waiter event that Jack and I were invited to participate in.  But, I knew it was a fundraiser for a great cause, and you know that we have a soft spot for those!  So, how does this work?  Well, several of Signal Mountain’s “well known” citizens were the wait staff at The Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club last night and were responsible for serving their invited guests…well, not just food. WE were expected to provide the entertainment as well!  The guests had the opportunity to make requests of the wait staff, however, they were also required to tip for services rendered!

Faith singing "California Girls"

It was a mix of karaoke, poetry reading and a local version of the Village People’s “YMCA”.  All quite entertaining.  However, I was most entertained by my children’s performances.  Faith (who set up the request herself) was asked to sing “California Girls” by Katy Perry.  I will say that she has no idea what the song is about, which makes it very cute.  I’ve also been told that I should have her audition for Disney immediately.  She did the entire song, dance moves, arm moves and our good friends were also up on the dance floor in the wings to support her.  The next awesome moment, was when Jack was asked to eat broccoli for a $50 tip.  It was a sight!   There was lots of dancing, laughing and all around amazing time, and a special guest appearance by Jed Mescon.

Several servers were dressed in characters including: a 50’s poodle skirt gal, the Beverly Hillbillies, Miss Kitty and the sheriff and a black jack dealer.  Jack, Faith and I were dressed in our custom aprons courtesy of the talented Elaine Richie of Pearls and Pot Pies.

Elaine Richie, Pearls and Pot Pies, Custom Aprons, Dawn Skowronnek
Well dressed servers.

We were honored to participate and want to thank our table sponsors for their generosity – Treehouse Kids Clothes and Pearls and Pot Pies.  Also, to our amazing friends who dined at our table, y’all made it a great evening!  And congratulations to our team for receiving the “Most Likely to Succeed” award.

The event raised $14,000 which will further the mission of the American Cancer Society’s patient support, research and education programs in Hamilton and surrounding counties.