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Shaving Heads at the Chattanooga Football Club

Chattanooga Football Club for Jack's Chattanoggins
Set up in the concourse ready for donations.

Several weeks prior to our June 26th shave event, we had the opportunity to address the Chattanooga Football Club to see if we could find some new recruits!  We’re always on the lookout for new heads to shave! The team was inspired by Jack’s story and several players volunteered to have their head shaved on behalf of Jack’s Chattanoggins. However, rather than shave at the market, we did it at a home game during half-time, the night before the shave. This was a unique turn of events.

And furthermore, they were willing to let Jack and me (aka Mom) have a go at it. As soon as the whistle blew at half-time we headed out to the field and had a few moments to address the fans about our fundraiser for pediatric cancer. Then, the buzzing of the clippers began and the hair started to fall. In just a few minutes we had two freshly buzzed CFC players, Robbie Hill and Tom Webster.

After the game, we wandered on field and many of the players were signing autographs and Jack brought his Chattanoggins poster down to be signed. We were approached by a brother and sister who wanted to thank us for what we were doing, they told us about the older brother they had lost to cancer.

My favorite part of the evening had to be when two lovely young ladies approached Jack to have their picture taken with him. Yeah, Jack!  Stay tuned for more photos!