The Sirena Azul – Sailboat in Belize Painting to be auctioned at Kid’s Cancer Fundraiser on June 26

The Sirena Azul - Sailboat in Belize Painting by Jill English (@artdish)
The Sirena Azul - to be auctioned on 626/11 at Jack's Chattanoggins





The Sirena Azul

48” X 24” X 1.5” Oil on Canvas
Jill English 2011
Value $1695

A couple of weeks ago I was checking out my new followers on Twitter and I came across @artdish and I loved the name so I had to check her out.  Strolled over to her profile to find out that she was an artist and then visited her website.  Can you imagine my surprise when I came across this?

Jill English Home Page
I immediately followed her back and had to ask how she found me, thinking it had to be related to Jack’s Chattanoggin’s. It wasn’t, she was seeking out artists and found me. In my spare time, which hasn’t been much lately, I do enjoy being artistic and designing original jewelry.

I’m still in awe of the connection that was made and coincidence of the work our family does for childhood cancer and for her loss. I am honored that she is sending to us an original painting for us to auction off at Jack’s Chattanoggins head-shaving event on June 26th at The Chattanooga Market.

I realize I am completely ignorant (and grateful to be) to understand what children with cancer and their parents go through. In some minute way, I pray our efforts can help the children and their parents beat these dreadful diagnoses.

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