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Why do we shave heads?

In 2009, a then 10 year-old Jack Skowronnek, serendipitously read a book that would forever change his life.  A book he checked out from the school library, Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick, has led to a community movement elevating awareness of the plight of pediatric cancer patients and, simultaneously, has raised over $175,000 to date.

We shave heads to show empathy for children who lose their hair in the battle for their lives. Because more children are lost every year to childhood cancer than any other disease – more than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies, and diabetes combined.

We shave heads to bring awareness and financial support for the children who battle the unthinkable. Because those who win the battle will face a lifetime of challenges.  Two-thirds of children treated for childhood cancer will suffer long-term effects from treatment including loss of hearing and sight, heart disease, secondary cancers, learning disabilities, infertility, and more.

We shave heads because it matters, it matters more than most of us, will ever know. Because the hearts and minds of those who come forth to shave their heads are forever changed by an act of selflessness and bravery, to help children who are fighting for their lives.


  We will always remember 

Kennedy “The Warrior” Griffith

who went to heaven on December 18, 2012


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